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Soooooo…You want to hear about HEIDI HYPE?

Well take a load off your feet and get comfortable, because I have a lot to say! And if I know anything about the changes you are about to go through to wage war on those extra pounds – whether it’s one pound or a hundred – you will too!

What’s so awesome about this site, is it’s not just about me: it’s about us!  

HEIDI HYPE is about a bunch of cool cats like you and me saying weight loss truly sucks but I’m going to give it one more try! HEIDI HYPE says no to crazy diet fads and says this time, I am going to educate myself about doing it the healthy way – but I refuse to do it without laughing!

Kind of like the time I was at the gym during peak hours on Day Two of my plan when I accidentally locked the leg curl machine too tight around my calf muscles and I got stuck for 20 minutes! Every time I tell the story about being stuck in the  “Jaws of Life” I laugh so hard I cry! Want to hear about it? Sign up for free HEIDI HYPE and become aHYPER!


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HEIDI HYPE is more than fun though, it’s useful weight loss information! Just because I’ve lost the weight doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped looking for cool and healthy ways to lose weight, understand how the body works, use exercise to revitalize the body and soul, and make a self-proclaimed cool cat (a girl can pretend can’t she?)!

HEIDI HYPE covers a range of truly fun areas, you’ll actually enjoy reading! No lectures here. Remember, I used to be in your shoes, so I agree. Losing weight is hard and I want to help give HYPERS like you information that will help you lose weight AND laugh!


  • He-He-He Hype! - Laugh your head off at hilarious stories from me and fellow HYPERS!
  • Run the Hype! - Read about unusual ways to burn calories like burning calories in your sleep!
  • Bite the Hype!  - Have all types of fun with yummy food and kiss unhealthy habits bu-bye!
  • Mind the Hype! - Get your head screwed on straight to beat what’s beaten you before!

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