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The Cool Cat Partner Posse!

HEIDI HYPE invites Policymakers, Associations, Companies, Corporate America to Play!

A girl’s got to give credit when due and I want to celebrate all the amazing ways local businesses, regional companies and corporate America are getting involved to help battle the obesity epidemic that’s hit people like me! More and more people are jumping on the bandwagon to get involve on this important issue – including policymakers, nonprofits, trade organizations and other leaders in the community!

I grew up overweight as a kid and was overweight until I was 33 years old. And I’m not the only one that lived a big portion of life overweight. In fact, scary statistics show our nation is on a dangerous path where this may be the first time in our nation’s history our kids may not outlive their parents because they are so overweight.

Every little bit helps, and if you are interested in doing something with me in your community, I would love to add you to my Cool Cat Corporate Posse! to show HYPERS you are an entity  that recognizes how hard it is to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Ask my Mom -- I just can’t keep a secret – especially when people are awesome! I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and tell everyone you, your business, or association is part of the Cool Cat Corporate Posse! and what you are up to! No matter how big or small!

Hundreds, if not thousands of entities have contributed time, labor, money, resources and their trade to educate individuals one by one to help us all live longer and healthier lives!

Become a leader by stepping up! Contact me by phone at 888-877-HYPE (4973) or via email at Heidi@heidihype.com and we can talk about your idea or brainstorm to create an idea to continue the spirit of HEIDI HYPE: encouraging people to lead healthier lives!!

The Posse:

Healthy Carolinians & University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW)
Get a load of these cool cats! This partnership makes my A-list with all the work they are doing to prevent obesity. Using a variety of grant resources this cool cat crew is working to do cool things like getting kids fun "recess" packs that promote physical activity at select schools in NC.

Washington Sports Clubs

I gotta give up to the coolest gym company that supported me from the beginning at 270 pounds! This amazing company created the Heidi Ann Ecker Scholarship Program and I am looking forward to finalizing details to get over 200 overweight kids working out! GO WSC!!! Washington Sports Clubs is owned and operated by New York-based Town Sports International and also runs hopping gyms like the New York Sports Clubs, Boston Sports Clubs, and of course the Philadelphia Sports Clubs!

Orion Residential
This company, a national apartment and condominium investment company in multiple cities, is ready to roll up its sleeves with HEIDI HYPE! I’m way impressed with the company’s interest in working with HEIDI HYPE to create a Model Residential Fitness Club in one of it’s residential communities. Hype on People!

Beauty in DC
Welcome to the posse Beauty in DC. You get major kudos from this chick who truly believes that while it's important to feel good about yourself, it's important to make sure you are healthy and have a balanced approach to looking and feeling good. This Cool Cat Partner is launching a visibility campaign with its readership to actively promote the importance of healthy living to women of all ages. Here's to creating the complete package: mind, body, soul -- and health.