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  • What do you think about my crazy story?
  • Do ya love HEIDI HYPE or what?
  • Do I inspire you or give you hope?
  • Have I convinced you to give weight loss another try?
  • Is there something you’d like to see covered by HEIDI HYPE?
  • Are you ready to try again with HEIDI HYPE and HYPERS across the nation?

Now that you’ve had a moment to learn more about HEIDI HYPE, I REALLY want to know what you think about HEIDI HYPE, my personal story, and what HYPERS are trying to do here!

Whether you like “whine” with your cheese and want to groan about how much it stinks to lose weight or you have a great success story about losing a pound or two, I want to hear from you! After all, we are all in this together. We’ll get it off our chest and move on (but it would also be great to hear if my 100 pound loss gives you hope!). This site is about change baby, so let it rip! But remember, funny stories are cool too!

Email your story to > hyper@heidihype.com and your comments may be featured on HeidiHype.com!! 

Heidi Hype promises not to air your dirty laundry – well, at least not using your last name! If your boss finds out you wear the same gym clothes to workout all week, it may not be good for business!

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From the HYPERS:

“Heidi, your enthusiasm is contagious! Having put aside my own interest in taking of care of my health, I can’t help but feel renewed in my own commitment to a healthy lifestyle because of HEIDI HYPE!  As a HYPER, I love reading her fitness and nutritional information, not to mention all the cool ways you keep us goin’!”  – Amy G. from Illinois

“Heidi you’re an inspiration! You lost weight the old-fashioned way, kept it off, kept a positive attitude even through the hardest times! Hearing your experiences are heart-warming, uplifting and motivational. Just hearing from you gives my day an extra lift - and usually a good laugh too!”– Sheree Anne K. from Maryland

“Heidi, you are more than just a gal who lost a lot of weight in a natural and healthy way.  You are an everyday gal that has proved anyone can use their inner strength to get where they want to be! You are profound discipline and fierce determination personified!  We could all use a little dose of HEIDI HYPE in our lives!” – Janice B. from California

“Your weight journey inspires everyone: from your determination to your strength of spirit! It’s truly amazing really. It’s almost like your weight loss revealed what was there all the time; an extremely kind, highly intelligent young woman! I believe the HYPE!” – Shirley B. from Texas

Heidi is on the cutting edge of physical fitness today. Her painful memories and excited exuberance tells a story of painful emotion and undefeatable will. Heidi's ability to associate, motivate, and recreate an individual's way of thinking about food and exercise is something that everyone from the beginner, to the hardcore athlete, should experience. Brian B. - Washington, DC