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Heidi’s Crazy Story:
Losing More than 100 Pounds in Less than a Year!

I'm the type of girl you hate!
If you saw me on the street today shaking my single digit sized hiney, you'd think, "Hate her! Must be nice!"  But what you don't know, is I’m half the woman I used to be! In a year, I went from a size 24 to a single digit size losing 6 feet of fat: it was magic! And since then, I’ve been on the coolest magic carpet ride. Sound great? Good, because it wasn't pretty. Five a.m. curtain calls at the gym, eating enough eggs to lay one, and being so sore from working out just sitting on the toilet felt like competing in the Iron Man!

Kept Gaining Weight
At 33, I realized I’d been packing on weight year by year and before I knew it my size 24 “big-boned” bod was 270 pounds at 5’7”. I romanced chocolate cake, championed happy hours, screamed wrongful reporting by evil scales, hated whoever invented exercise and prioritized career over what I saw as the pain of my existence. My career was on track, I had good friends and good times. I needed nothing else! While I would be damned if I admitted it, I was sad about my weight. Not because I wasn’t a size 2, but because I always seemed to fail at trying to make even a 10 pound improvement. A whirl of thoughts: I always failed. I didn't know where to start. Why set myself up for failure? I’ve always been overweight. I have family members that are overweight. Why would I have a reason to believe I should be anything but fat?

Decided to Give On More try!
I decided I'd lived with weight loss failure before and I could handle one more time. And on October 4, 2004 I decided to give it one last try! I made an attack plan. I called my friends and family to tell them this was the year I would win. And while I had no reason to believe this time would be different, it was! On that day, I launched a program to learn about my personal eating patterns, how my body works, what masochistic ways I could torture myself at the gym and how to prioritize me over everything else in life. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but the best thing I have ever done!

Actually Lost Weight!
And the result: I lost over 100 pounds in less than a year. I know it sounds insane! If you had told me I would lose over a hundred pounds in less than a year, I would have mocked you and laughed,” Welcome to Fantasy Island!” But it’s true. It wasn’t a fad diet or crazy scheme. It was an organized plan of attack! And that’s exactly what I want to share with you!!  I want to share all the secrets I learned that helped me lose weight.  I want you to join me on Fantasy Island – where all your wishes and dreams come true!  You’ve taken the first step.  Time to see what the hype is all about!  > Time for HEIDI HYPE!!!