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Believe it baby! Having been overweight my entire life, I never thought I could lose over a hundred pounds in less than a year through healthy eating and exercise, but I did! When I was 32 -- size 24 and 270lbs -- I decided to give it one last shot to lose weight and I lost 6 feet of fat! No, I didn't misplace the car keys people, I'm literally half the woman I used to be because I unlocked the power of Heidi Hype! Read on and get the Double H Force with you!

So welcome to the Heidi Hype House -- the landing pad for that crazy force called Heidi Hype. Make yourself at home, because I guarantee you'll never have more laughs while in the misery of trying to get in shape. My updates and stories will educate and motivate. I want to inspire you to break into random jumping jacks while walking down the street! Come on zippidy doo dah, I was just teasing about the jumping jack attack! Join the Heidi Hype revolution and become a Hyper!

Hypers writing in about the website are too cool for school -- and it keeps me going, so keep 'em coming! Rumors are swelling HYPERS: there's talk about a Heidi Hype Book! Be careful what you ask for, I've never NOT had something to say...Don't think I should have a choice in the matter? Think I should write a book or be strapped to a smelly Rowing Machine for three days straight? >Email HEIDI HYPE and tell me to write or row!